Steinway & Sons

Steinway Hall: Avenue of the Americas

In 2016, Steinway Hall embarked on a new legacy in a new location, where Steinway’s legendary instruments continue to make their mark on musical history. Featuring a full inventory of Steinway pianos as well as Steinway-designed Boston and Essex pianos, the third Steinway Hall, located at 1133 Avenue of the Americas, is a next-generation showroom worthy of both the past it protects and the future it is poised to launch.

Designed by the internationally renowned Selldorf Architects, the new location is designed to provide an unrivaled experience for future Steinway owners. It features many details that reference the materials, craftsmanship, and instruments that Steinway is lauded for, from end-grain oak flooring that recalls former iterations of Steinway Hall to recital hall seats covered in an Imperial Yellow fabric of the same color found inside the action of a Steinway & Sons piano. Other features include a custom, bentwood decorative ceiling and acoustic paneling in the concert hall that evokes the exquisite woods used to make each Steinway. Steinway Hall houses a 74-seat recital venue, an ideal space for intimate and moving live performances, and a recording studio where performances for the new Steinway Spirio can be captured. The recital space is the beating heart of Steinway Hall, the embodiment of Steinway & Sons’ commitment to celebrating arts and culture.

To purchase, rent, or service a Steinway, Boston, or Essex piano, please call 212-246-1100 or visit us at our new location.

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